Tuesday, September 26, 2017
Jobs at risk as Morrisons confirms plan to close Shepherd’s Bush store

Jobs at risk as Morrisons confirms plan to close Shepherd’s Bush store

Morrisons says it will try to relocate staff members if it goes ahead with the closure

Morrisons has announced plans to close its supermarket in Shepherd’s Bush – with up to 170 jobs on the line.

The company said it had looked at a “range of options” in an attempt to keep the W12 Centre store open but that none provided commercial confidence.

A spokeswoman told London News Online the national supermarket chain would try to redeploy as many staff members as possible if it decides to go ahead with the closure.

It is launching a consultation process with staff before signing off the plan.

But the announcement raises fears that supermarket workers will be left out of employment.

Following an angry exchange with Morrisons on Twitter, Hammersmith MP Andy Slaughter said the closure would be “devastating” for Shepherd’s Bush.

“This is terrible news for the W12 area and to the 170 staff who work in the store,” he said in a statement.

“Having weathered the opening of the nearby Westfield and having shown continued demand for a large retail supermarket on site, it is devastating to hear that this store could close.”

Local councillor Adam Connell, who represents the Addison ward, said the news was “deeply worrying” for residents.

He tweeted: “Morrisons is an important asset in the community.”

Morrisons announced plans to close seven of its loss-making stores in January, after axing a further 21 branches in 2015.

A spokeswoman said: “We regret to say that we are proposing to close our store in Shepherd’s Bush.

“We have looked at a whole range of options to make the store viable but none gave us confidence that we could run it successfully.

“We will now be going through a consultation process with colleagues.”


  1. Sorry, but that is one very poor excuse.
    Senior management at Morrisons are displaying greed and incompetence in equal measure.
    As anyone who has ever shopped at Morrisons will ever tell you, it is always packed with shoppers.
    The only upside to this, that I can see, is maybe Aldi or Lidl might make a long overdue appearance in Shepherds Bush/Hammersmith.

  2. This closure will leave many vulnerable especially as noted the elderly and disabled at risk. The staff point to increase in rental rates as the main reason. Having experienced such supermarket closures in the past – it’s fair to say that all the other shops in the W12 centre will loose revenue leading to further closures of other retailers in the building.

  3. I wouldn’t reply on MP Andy Slaughter to do anything positive. I took my repossession forms into him from the council 2years ago, when I was due to be evicted, and I’m still waiting for some sort of reply of acknowledgement.

  4. Devastated to find Morrisons closed. Like others have said, it’s always packed. It’s my favourite supermarket by far, and I’m fed up with Tescos and Sainsburys everywhere.

  5. I would also like to aldi or lidl opening a store in the shepherds bush location, they offer much better value for your money. And have a good range of stock to choose from. Their are pricey sainsbury store all
    Over the place.


Jobs at risk as Morrisons confirms plan to close Shepherd’s Bush store