Brilliant Vauxhall – Light, illuminations and projections

Brilliant Vauxhall is a two-day exploration of light through the use of fire, storytelling with interactive installations and light projection.

  • Taking place across two evenings in Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens, Brilliant Vauxhall is part of a year-round cultural programme brought to you in a partnership between Vauxhall One and Lambeth Council. The event features Impossible Arts, PifPaf and Greenwich-based Emergency Exit Arts.
  • Lightweight is a projection globe that invites audiences to have their picture mapped into live animations that swarm around the globe alongside movies, audio graphic effects, pictures and tweets.
  • Codex is a giant illuminated book filled with animated images. The open book glows in the night sky and uses cutting-edge technologies to update the age-old wonder of storytelling.
  • A Celestial Sound Cloud will explore the relationship between nature and technology. Visitors can interact with stars in distant galaxies and make the planets sing the music of the spheres as they dance.
  • Dr Kronovator’s Fire Laboratory is an interactive environment with ingenious fire installations for audiences of all ages. Dr Kronovator and his acrobatic assistant prepare their experimental flame and steam-powered contraptions that audiences are invited to activate.

Brilliant Vauxhall takes place on Friday, November 17 and Saturday, November 18, at Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens, 139 Vauxhall Walk, Lambeth, 5.30pm till late, free.
Food and drink are available. Check out @LoveVaux for more.

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