Thursday, August 24, 2017
Full steam ahead for Plumstead High Street clean up

Full steam ahead for Plumstead High Street clean up



A council has brought in a dirt blasting machine to help fulfill its promise to clean up Plumstead High Street.

A deep clean up of the road with the high pressure jet washing and chewing gum removing kit began this week and is to run for up to eight weeks. The work on Plumstead High down to Bannockburn Road is to take place between 7pm and midnight to minimise the disruption to businesses.  The jet-washing action is part of the council’s crack down on littering, fly-tipping and other forms of enviro-crime as part of its ‘Love Plumstead, Hate litter’ campaign.

Councillor Jackie Smith, the cabinet member for community safety and the environment, said: “We’re keeping our promise to make Plumstead’s streets cleaner and tidier while working with local businesses to create a welcoming and inviting High Street for both residents and visitors.

“There’s a strong, rooted local pride in Plumstead. You can see it in residents’ support for local businesses, for regeneration and investment, and for tackling littering and fly-tipping. Royal Greenwich wants to build on this civic pride to deliver a transformative change in Plumstead and we will work hand-in-hand with residents to make it happen.”

The council is also recruiting artists from the area to create a mural for the Pettmann Underpass and inviting people to share their thoughts on twitter using #PositivePlumstead.

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Full steam ahead for Plumstead High Street clean up