Thursday, August 24, 2017
Doctors delivered right to your door

Doctors delivered right to your door

From left, Alex Templeton, Dr Ed Hatley and Charlie Harington

Remember the days when doctors used to visit your house?

In retrospect, they did not seem very well equipped, with just a leather squashy bag containing a stethoscope, thermometer and some leeches.

Then they started having less and less time to treat patients, and soon we were all having to go to them.

But the days of doctors coming to you could return with the launch of a new app and online platform in Clapham which could turn back the clock.

It will cost £70, but in the rush of London life a quick appointment can be a huge relief.

Qure is set to launch in Clapham in a bid to revolutionise healthcare by delivering doctors to the doors of local residents around the clock.

It is a new start-up providing accessible healthcare at an affordable price, with plans for a London-wide roll out before the end of the year.

It connects its users with highly-experienced medical practitioners in the area and chose Clapham for its launch because of the exceptional pool of at least 150 doctors available nearby from Guy’s, St Thomas’, Chelsea and Westminster, and King’s College hospitals.

It is designed to cater for the needs of the time-poor professionals and young parents in Clapham and offers a 24-hour service to ensure its users have access to medical attention around the clock.

It has an office of 10 staff at its office in Kennington Business Park, Brixton Road and is mostly self-funded and is currently working with investors to raise more capital.

Co-founder Charlie Harington said: “Our concept is centred around 24/7 private healthcare without the huge price tag that is usually associated with these kinds of services; something we know is in demand, especially amongst the time-poor residents of Clapham.

“With practitioners able to come to your home or workplace, the service couldn’t be more convenient and provides immediate access to appropriate medical advice and prescriptions – as you’d get through your local GP but without the hassle of trying to secure an appointment and get to the surgery.

“We understand patients want that face-to-face reassurance and we’re incredibly confident that the model we’ve put in place will revolutionise the way patients are able to access medical advice and treatment.

“I’m a parent myself and understand the trials and tribulations around accessing practitioners at a time that works in between juggling work and family commitments, and I’m sure others will empathise.”

Qure’s on-demand or pre-booked services give users of the app the flexibility to choose the best time to see a healthcare practitioner.

For those choosing ASAP appointments, a doctor will be at their door within two hours, providing an estimated time slot within a 15 minute window.

Prices for an appointment with a Qure practitioner start from £70. Download the app or for more information visit

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Doctors delivered right to your door