Tuesday, September 26, 2017
Proud and inspirational

Proud and inspirational


Youth organisations and schools in Lambeth have received funding of more than £1,033,100 from the Jack Petchey Foundation since funding started in 2008.

Councillor Maria Cameron, Mayor of Lambeth, who helped to present the awards said, “I’m so proud that this event takes place in Lambeth. It’s heart-warming to see so many talented young people and also really inspiring to see parents and leaders supporting them.”

Winners included Giacomo D’Aurelio D’Arpino, 13, who attends Platanos College, Clapham Road, Stockwell. Giacomo came to the college halfway through Year 8. At first it was a struggle for him to fit in at Platanos College due to only having very basic knowledge of English. However this did not deter him from working extremely hard and he soon moved on from a supported curriculum to a top set class Giacomo is committed to helping those in the supported curriculum by motivating his peers and encouraging them to work hard.

He is also a very keen actor and basketball player and divides his time between the two after-school clubs. Giacomo is an inspiration to the younger actors in the school and tries his best to share his passion for acting. Giacomo decided to spend his £250 Jack Petchey Foundation Achievement Award grant on six basketball officiating qualifications for the school.

Olivia Bush, aged 11, attends Elm Court School, Elm Park, Brockwell. From the beginning of her time at Elm Court, Olivia has been an excellent asset to her class and has shown, regardless of her Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) diagnose that she is really empathetic.

 Olivia Bush
Olivia Bush

She shows this side of her particularly with one of her peers who has anger management issues and she often calms her down and encourages her to work.

Olivia is also a great listener and an excellent role model for her year group.

Olivia decided to spend her £250 Jack Petchey Foundation Achievement Award grant on new equipment and resources for the school.

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Proud and inspirational