Thursday, August 24, 2017
Sue Domain: Should I take my puppy to The Stone Roses concert?

Sue Domain: Should I take my puppy to The Stone Roses concert?


So, after four weeks stuck in our house, our Labrador puppy was finally freed to roam the streets of South London.

Obviously not unsupervised! What a day it was, we all looked forward to it with anticipation, excitement and nervousness. We made a special trip to the Pet Shop in Streatham Hill and purchased a very nice blue harness things and matching blue lead. Against his black coat he did look pretty stylish. And off we went to the park.

We had nothing to worry about, the minute Sparky got into the park he made not one but three friends. I have never seen him so happy as he was rolling around and tumbling with his new found friends, he was so excited and pleased to see other dogs. We wandered around the park and every child and every dog owner stopped us and asked questions about him.

Having lived in the area for 10 years, I’ve only made friends with the other mums from school and suddenly within a day of being a new dog walker, I have entered this social world and I have exchanged numbers with two other mums with children same ages as mine making arrangements to meet up again soon.

Had I known what benefits there were to getting a dog, I would have done it sooner. Okay, so the private school social life didn’t quite work out but my social life because of the dog will be amazing. I really am trying hard not to think what I have missed out on all these years. Yesterday, I took Sparky out for a walk, by myself. I walked for an hour randomly doing nothing. I have never done that, ever, to go off for a walk with nowhere to go and nothing to do is a luxury that I have never had time for.

Now, with a dog, I have an excuse to do this as it’s no longer deemed a luxury but a chore, or a necessity. It’s a very nice chore that will equally benefit me and my high blood pressure not to mention the idea of me getting mega fit. Also, after having slept in the spare room downstairs for the last three weeks, to be on hand to let him out during the night, he has finally started sleeping through the night.

It’s been four nights now that I’ve not been interrupted. As long as I let him out last thing at night, he’s okay until my son comes downstairs and lets him out at 7am.

It was amazing when he slept thought the first night, when I slept through the first night, I felt great, we had a breakthrough moment. His diarrhoea has also stopped now and he’s leaving me good solid presents instead and in the garden, not quite in the same spot but there’s always room for improvement.

Okay I think I’m done with talking about dogs now. I did promise myself that I won’t write anything about him, but I can’t help it, I needed to share my dog highs and my dog lows with anybody that would listen, in this case, anybody that would read about it.

It is hard work looking after a dog but when I see the boys playing with him and the obvious love they have for him, it’s worth the sleepless nights, the chewed up shoes and the constantly cleaning up after him.

The thing is, he’s a Labrador and at the moment, we are coping, as he gets bigger, will we still be able to cope? Well, will my son be able to cope? My son will be turning into a teenager soon and he’s recently been getting into his music, which is great, but I fear he’s getting into the wrong type of music. Compared to when I was younger, a long time ago, apart from a few bands there really isn’t good music out there at the moment.

So I thought I would educate my son and steer him on the right path of music, I bought two tickets to see The Stone Roses. Who are The Stone Roses you ask? Well, when I was a student (quite a few years ago now) there were a few bands that came out of Manchester with some great music, the Stone Roses being one of them.

So, there’s me thinking that my son would jump at the chance of going to his first gig with his mum, but no I was so wrong, he panicked and said that he didn’t want to go. Not sure whether that meant he didn’t want to go with me, or he didn’t want to go because he didn’t like the band.

This really disappointed me. He would miss out on a great gig, (my husband may not agree with me) and I would have to go on my own. (Obviously it’s too early in the day to be inviting my new found dog walker friends just yet) so, what do I do? I’ve asked all my non-dog walker friends (yes, I do have some) they are also not into The Stone Roses. I could drag my son kicking and screaming all the way to Wembley with me, but the screaming would really annoy me and I’ll probably get arrested on the way.

I could beg my husband to come with me, but he hates them so much he would only moan the whole concert. Perhaps I’ll take Sparky – only joking.


Sue Domain: Should I take my puppy to The Stone Roses concert?