Sunday, September 24, 2017
She fights just like a woman

She fights just like a woman

Della O'Sullivan leads a session at her martial arts school

A martial arts master and mum of two will kick-start a series of self-defence workshops for women on Sunday.

Della O’ Sullivan is a Wing Tsun instructor from Peckham who began training 10 years ago to protect herself from a stalker.

The mum will launch her Fight Like a Girl 2017 Tour at Dulwich Park Fair on Sunday with an all women self-defence demonstration and dance display.

Della said: “Empowering women is the best feeling in the world!

The plan is to visit a selection of dangerous areas and run seminars in self-defence for the women that live there.”

The first workshop will take place in Southwark on September 9 and they will also happen in Lambeth, Croydon and Bexley.

The classes are for 10-year-olds upwards and will teach women and girls techniques which include using a handbag as a defensive tool.

As well as encouraging mums and daughters to attend together, Della wants to support local women’s refuges in the areas that she visits.

I’ve supported Southwark refuge Bede House with donations and given classes to women there and it’s really rewarding and worthwhile.

I can’t always afford to give donations, but if any woman from a refuge wants to attend a class on the tour then she’s welcome to and I won’t charge.”

At 5ft tall with long dark hair, Della is living proof that being strong and able to defend oneself isn’t unfeminine.

She said: “I want to inspire women to be confident and empower them to take care of themselves.”

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She fights just like a woman