Sunday, September 24, 2017
Baby fox who jammed her head in a baked bean tin eventually...

Baby fox who jammed her head in a baked bean tin eventually freed



A BABY fox which got her  head jammed in a baked bean can was eventually freed by a charity worker.

The cub named “Beanie” was discovered in a garden in Muirkirk Road in Catford but despite being blindfolded by the rusty tin she was still proved to be quite a challenge to catch and help.

RSPCA officer Kirstie Gillard was called out to rescue the fox, believed to be only eight weeks old on Tuesday May 9. The cub is now recovering from injuries to her head and ears and is staying with a foster parent and four other cubs at the Fox Project hospital in Tunbridge Wells. It is hoped that “Beanie” will be able to returned to the wild shortly.

Kirstie Gillard said: “Even though the can completely covered her head and she really couldn’t see a thing, she still gave me the run around.  When I was finally able to gently net her, I could see that the can had injured her ears and head. I took her to St Pauls Vets in Orpington, who removed the can. As the wounds had to heal and she needed caring for, I took her to the Fox Project and hey named her ‘Beanie, after the baked beans can she got stuck in.”

“The Fox Project shaved Beanie’s head so they could treat cuts to her head, muzzle and left ear, but happily, she is doing so well that she has now been moved- along with four other cubs – to stay with a foster parent. This is the last step in the process before she is returned to the wild. “

Trevor Williams, the manager at the Fox Project said: “It’s wonderful to see Beanie on the mend. “Thankfully, she has retained her wildness and so has not been a model patient. It won’t be long before she can be returned to the wild.”

The RSPCA is a charity which relies on public donations for its work. To donate text to exist. To HELP to 78866 to give £3

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Baby fox who jammed her head in a baked bean tin eventually...