Thursday, August 24, 2017
Desperate plea to raise money for a new kidney for Charles

Desperate plea to raise money for a new kidney for Charles

Charles Olara

A family is battling to raise £35,000 for a life-saving kidney transplant for a desperately ill relative.

Charles Awil Olara, pictured, has been diagnosed with End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) and his family, from Stockwell, have launched a fund-raising push to help pay for the operation.

The family have launched a social media campaign among friends and family, and have asked for anyone to make donations through their gofundme page.

They are also going through family and friends to find a suitable donor for Charles, who lives in Uganda.

Irene Apio, brother of Charles, 43, said: “He is currently undergoing dialysis sessions in Kampala to improve and support the quality of his life.

“The weekly cost of the dialysis is £250. The family is struggling to meet this cost and have relied on the generosity of friends and wellwishers.

“Doctors in Kampala have advised the family that Charles urgently needs a kidney transplant, which would have to take pace in India, at an estimated cost of £35,000, including things like transport and accommodation.

“We are desperately trying to raise the money and would appeal for anyone who can help to go to the gofundme page.”

Irene, who is a customer administrator for a London housing association, said her family had gone through a number of testing moments recently. The family has only recently repatriated their father from Sudan, where he had been buried, back to his home country of Uganda.

Then just 15 months ago Irene and Charles’s sister Grace Aluma Olara, 45, from Rotherhithe, died in Uganda of a long-terms illness.

Irene said: “These are all traumatising episodes that have impacted hugely on the family. Charles is currently a man living in fear at the prospect of leaving his four young children without a father, his wife without a husband and his mother and brother and sisters without a Sibling. Charles is desperately trying to fight for his life, but he needs our help.”

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Desperate plea to raise money for a new kidney for Charles