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Interview: They’re all together ooky! We chat to Cameron Blakely about bringing...

Interview: They’re all together ooky! We chat to Cameron Blakely about bringing The Addams Family to Wimbledon

The cast of The Addams Family in rehearsals for their nationwide tour which includes a visit to the New Wimbledon Theatre next month. Photo by Ed Baker

A Wimbledon based actor is bringing his very strange family to town next month and the kooky clan is likely to leave a riot of mirth in their wake, writes Nicky Sweetland.

Cameron Blakely from Wimbledon will join the cast as the head of the household Gomez for the UK premiere of the musical stage adaptation of The Addams Family, which comes to the New Wimbledon Theatre in May.

Originally a cartoon strip in the New Yorker, the morbid dynasty was turned into a hit television series in the 1960s and went on to achieve further notoriety when adapted into a film franchise in the 1990s, which starred Anjelica Huston as Morticia, Christopher Lloyd as Uncle Fester, Christina Ricci as Wednesday and Raúl Juliá as Gomez.

The cast for the musical, which will visit Wimbledon as part of a nationwide tour is no less impressive and Cameron is joined by Eastenders star Samantha Womack, YouTube sensation Carrie Hope Fletcher and comedian Les Dennis, who has shaved his head in readiness to take on the role of the frightful Uncle Fester.

Cameron told us about the family and said, “They’re sort of stuck really. The minute you go into their house, you don’t know what century you’re in and you wonder how long they have been around. There’s something quite vampiric about them as well as romantic; with this honour, this code they all have. They are a fully functioning family as oppose to other families who think of themselves as normal and are actually completely dysfunctional.”

We meet The Addams Family a few years on from their last adventures and the melancholic Wednesday is eighteen. She has fallen in love for the first time with a respectable young man, something, which has the potential to rock the tight-knit family unit and so Gomez is forced to keep her relationship a secret from his beloved wife Morticia.

Cameron explains, “It’s a show that anyone can relate to, anyone who’s a parent can definitely relate to this story. They just happen to be The Addams Family so they happen to go for things that are dark rather than light.”

When the couple’s families meet for dinner, it results in a hilarious banquet filled with misunderstandings and macabre undertones. With all of the famed and favourite characters also involved, including Pugsley, Lurch and of course, crazy Uncle Fester, the musical promises to be cacophony of calamity.

Cameron is almost certain the show will be a hit with south London audiences and said, “It’s got beautiful music, it’s really funny and it’s very moving as well, almost to the point that you can forget it’s The Addams Family. We have wonderful people in it and a wonderful team behind it. Visually it’s stunning, it’s creepy and it’s kooky and everyone will love clicking their fingers.”

The Addams Family will run at the New Wimbledon Theatre from 16th-20th May. 

Nicky Sweetland is a former Cardiac Rehabilitation specialist, who started writing about theatre in 2014. A self confessed musical theatre addict, Nicky now reports on all aspects of the entertainment industry.


Interview: They’re all together ooky! We chat to Cameron Blakely about bringing...