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The lick of the Irish – some pets hoping St Patrick’s Day...

The lick of the Irish – some pets hoping St Patrick’s Day helps them find a new home


It’s no secret that the dogs and cats who end up at Battersea Dogs & Cats Home are looking for a lucky charm, but four animals in particular have been down on their fortunes.

Cats Paddy and Tiger, Greyhound Beauty and Jack Russell Terrier Jenson, have all had a string of bad luck, but they’re crossing their paws that this will change and the stars will align for them this St Patrick’s Day.

Battersea Dogs & Cats Home Centre Manager Robert Young said: “There are some animals who come into Battersea whose stories really tug on your heartstrings – like poor Beauty, who’s been here twice through no fault of her own, and Tiger the cat who went through a terrible time as a stray. But here at Battersea we look to change animal’s fortunes for the better, so we’re hoping we can help our four unluckiest animals find their perfect family.”

Meet Battersea’s four most unfortunate residents looking for a home at the end of the rainbow this St Patrick’s Day.


Paddy the cat

Named after Ireland’s Patron Saint, Paddy needs the luck of the Irish after he was found as a stray. A kind person brought poor two-year-old Paddy into Battersea where he has been getting some love and attention while he waits for a new home. Despite this hiccup in life, this black and white Domestic Short-hair is a confident and charming boy who loves people and is looking for a friendly new home.

Jenson the Jack Russell – one of Battersea’s longest-serving veterans

Poor Jenson is the longest-stay resident at Battersea’s London centre. This one-year-old Jack Russell Terrier arrived more than three months ago because his owners could no longer look after him and he’s been searching for his perfect family ever since. Like leprechauns, this cheeky young Terrier is a vibrant, friendly lad who loves people and is always up for a game. He’s a super clever boy who knows plenty of tricks and is looking for owners who will put his sharp mind to good use with further training. Jenson’s hoping for an active home with experienced Terrier owners. If you think you could be the one to turn Jenson’s bad luck around, please get in touch.

Tiger would like to burn bright again

Tiger came into Battersea after a member of the public found him lost and terrified in a local park, where a group of children had been throwing rocks at him. The good Samaritan took the 11-year-old cat home and tried and failed to find his owners, before bringing the Domestic Short-hair into Battersea. Tiger has fully recovered from his harrowing ordeal but he’s still seeking that pot of gold. Can you offer this affectionate old gentleman a warm home to spend his twilight years

Beauty was discarded twice after her racing career ended


Gentle Greyhound Beauty has been down on her luck, as this is her second time at Battersea. This speedy girl raced over 110 races in her career but found herself in the world-famous shelter after she retired from her life on the track in January. A few weeks later this lovely four-year-old went home with a new family but, sadly for Beauty, her new owners quickly realised they weren’t ready for a dog and she was brought back to the shelter. This lovely lady is in real need of some luck – she’s looking for a second home and this time she’s hoping it will be forever.

For more information on any of the animals, or to see who else is looking for a home at Battersea, visit our website https://www.battersea.org.uk/

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The lick of the Irish – some pets hoping St Patrick’s Day...