18 year old man stabbed in Kidbrooke which saw “absolutely brilliant” neighbours come to his aid

An 18 year old man was stabbed repeatedly in an assualt that saw neighbours and locals rush to help him.

In the frenzied attack at Thyme Close, Kidbrooke, one person left the scene in a car that crashed into multiple cars on its way out and another man escaped down an alleyway.

Police were called to reports that a male was being threatened with a knife at Thyme Close in Kidbrooke and found a man suffering from multiple stab wounds.

The man was taken to hospital where his injuries were initially thought to be life threatening but his condition has since improved and there are hopes for his survival.

Tracey, a neighbour who lives opposite where the incident took place and did not want to be fully named, said: “I was just walking home through the alley by the car park and I heard some kind of bang. I saw a guy get out of a car with a massive knife and a mobile phone. The blade was a lot bigger than the mobile phone.

“He started running down the alley and the car started trying to drive away. It was smashing into the other parked cars then it drove off.

“That’s when I saw the man. He had a wound on his head. At first I didn’t realise he had been stabbed. I think he tried to go after the man that had run down the alley but then just stumbled back and collapsed. I saw he had been stabbed in his right hand side of his body.

“We all rushed to help him and try and keep him awake. He was in and out of consciousness and then an ambulance came.

“The knife was absolutely massive, it was longer than a cleaving knife. I don’t know what type it was.

“I just want to say it was absolutely brilliant how everyone helped. All the neighbours came together to help him, we called the ambulance, one neighbour was holding a t-shirt to the wound to stop the bleeding, schoolkids were walking home put their jacket on him to keep him warm.”

Another neighbour who helped and did not wish to be named said: “I’m sick of it, of everything that’s happening, I’m really upset right now.”

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