Monday, August 21, 2017
Scrutiny head’s plea for Lewisham to pull back from the brink on...

Scrutiny head’s plea for Lewisham to pull back from the brink on seizing land

Cllr Alan Hall supported junior doctors last year in their dispute over longer hours

A leading council chief has appealed to Lewisham’s ruling cabinet to keep Millwall at The Den.
Cllr Alan Hall, chairman of the borough’s scrutiny committee, has been critical of the threat to the council’s reputation if it goes ahead with a plan to forcibly buy land around the stadium.
Millwall have admitted they could be forced to leave
The Den for Kent if they are forced off the three pockets of land – the Millwall Community Scheme base in Bolina Road, the club
car park and its memorial
Lewisham council is
planning to issue a
compulsory purchase order around the ground in order to sell them to offshore developer Renewal.
Cllr Hall said: “Over the past five years Renewal’s original outline planning application has fallen apart in slow motion in front of our very eyes.
“Renewal was going to pay for the new station at Surrey Canal Road – the taxpayer is now funding that.
“There was a multi-faith centre planned for Lewisham’s diverse communities – that is now a cathedral-sized church for Christian evangelists from Australia.
“And the ever-shrinking proposed ‘sporting village’ will drive away one of football’s most famous clubs and it’s highly successful community scheme providing opportunities for Lewisham’s young
“That is bad enough – but is also on top of the many questions surrounding governance, due diligence and ownership of Renewal that remain unanswered to this day.”
The project would put Millwall’s youth academy under threat and could make running the club from its Zampa Road base almost impossible for the League One side, say the Lions’ board.

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Scrutiny head’s plea for Lewisham to pull back from the brink on...