Sunday, September 24, 2017
Developer Renewal claims Millwall Community Scheme “will be no worse off financially”

Developer Renewal claims Millwall Community Scheme “will be no worse off financially”

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Developer Renewal is bidding to counter claims that the Millwall Community Scheme will run out of money in three years if it is forced to move.
MCS chairman Peter Walsh claimed in December that the gift of £350,000 from Renewal to ease the transfer will run out within three years, because of the rent it will be charged when it is based in the Energise sports complex, planned for nearby Stockholm Road.
The future of the MCS will be debated by Lewisham’s cabinet tomorrow when councillors will decide whether to force it to vacate its Bolina Road base – and force the football club to hand over two other pockets of land.
But Renewal founder and director Mushtaq Malik said in a private and confidential letter to Lewisham councillors: “The intention behind the relocation package offered is that MCS will be no worse off financially.
“Renewal has told MCS it will not be liable for any historic grant funding paid to it for its current facilities.
“There will be no obligation to vacate the Lions Centre unless or until Energise is completed.”
He stressed the Surrey Canal Sports Foundation, an independent charity, will own and run the centre – and Renewal will not be involved.
Mr Malik’s letter also stated former Lewisham mayor David Sullivan is no longer involved with Renewal and did not attend meetings with council officials or the GLA during that time – and does not have and has not had any involvement in Renewal’s owners Independent Advisors Incorporated or Incorporated Holdings
“He was a director and minor shareholder engaged in projects other than New Bermondsey from July 2002 and August 2007,” said Mr Malik.
“He had a minor involvement in early site acquisitions at Surrey Canel Road from November 2004-August 2007. He sold all his Renewal shares before June 2006 and resigned as a director in August 2007 and has had no involvement since. Talks with the council on New Bermondsey began after that.
“No officers nor members of the council (whether current or former) are involved with Renewal or either of its shareholders, whether as participants
A spokesman for Renewal said: “Discussions on the future home for the Millwall Community Scheme are ongoing between owners the Millwall Community Trust, the council and Renewal. It is an accepted principle by all parties that the Trust shall be no worse off financially as a result of their relocation to the new sports complex, Energize.
“There is no obligation upon MCS to vacate the Lions Centre until the new facilities at Energize are completed.
“The replacement facility is to be provided to a detailed specification approved by the council which must be at least of the same quality and nature as the existing facilities offered by the MCS.
“A Lions Centre Relocation Strategy will be agreed which sets out the future needs of MCS; how the accommodation needs of MCS will be met.
“The Replacement Facility must be open for use by the public in accordance with the approved strategy prior to the demolition of the existing facility.
“No material operation can take place that would prevent the Lions Centre remaining operational in its current facility until the replacement facility is finished and open to the public.”

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Developer Renewal claims Millwall Community Scheme “will be no worse off financially”