15-year-old arrested driving top of the range Mercedes to Lewisham for ice cream


When police officers stopped a Mercedes on Saturday because the driver looked nervous they might have thought they had a rocky road ahead of them.

They might have prepared to reach for their breathalyser – or even to have taken him or her down to the station for a blood sample to see if they had taken drugs.

Instead they found a 15-year-old boy nipping into Lewisham for an ice-cream.

It has since been reported that the boy was arrested after being spotted driving down the A20 by Lewisham police’s A Team when they were patrolling the Horn Park area of the borough.

The officers will have been more surprised when they realised he had driven the car all the way from Gravesend in Kent. Obviously the ice cream in Gravesend doesn’t match the exotic gelato offerings in, erm… Lewisham.

But the police must have at least been impressed that he didn’t crash during the 30-minute drive. Lewisham police tweeted: “Officers from A Team stopped this car after the driver appeared nervous when seeing police.

“Turns out the driver had every right to be as he was only 15 and had driven all the way from Gravesend for an ice cream! “Will be an expensive ice cream when the boy is sent to court.”

To avoid the car being identified, they plopped a picture of an ice cream over the registration plate.

Luckily the Mercedes was left in mint condition, but you might say, in the end, the boy got his just desserts.

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